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Monday, March 15, 2010

Universal Monster Army: Onward Genre Soldiers! Marching as to Horror!

A campaign of Shock & Awe(someness)!

The Universal Monster Army is a fan-boy or girl's best friend. Unlike the olden times when young people ran away from home to join the Foreign Legion to "forget", here you'll want to run toward the UMA, enlist and become a Creature of the Dark Platoon - to remember! To remember all of your favorite horror movies, toys and memorabilia in the company of people who know everything there is to know about the subject.

As is the case with the best people in our genre community, these men and women channel their energies into perpetuating the things they love by sharing collected art, props, photos and treasured objects of their obsession. Their research and handling of material is world-class, all leading to the creation of museum-quality displays and projects for the rest of us to enjoy. And I have enjoyed their displays immensely! A highlight of any Convention or event I have the pleasure of attending.

A UMA Forry-display and my brilliant pals who done did it.

Forry lived to see some of the early UMA displays and was mesmerized. After our very first viewing of one of their monster-toy displays at Ron Adam's MONSTER BASH, Forry remarked that he'd wished these folks could have preserved and displayed his own collection. I reminded Forry that, before his taking up the mantle (maybe creating) the art of "collecting", nobody held a value for these throw-away objects and ephemera. He nodded his head and agreed that he felt somehow responsible for setting the UMA on its path. The baton has been passed!

All of my fellow fans and friends should seek out the UMA. Go enjoy one of their displays, visit and participate in their BLOG, buy a T-shirt. Support them any way you can. They play a great hand in inspiring new recruits with the same "sense of wonder" that started us on our journey through a world of movie-magic and monsters. These people are true friends of the genre we love and passionate fans and champions of the memory of our common mentor Forry Ackerman. They're also incredibly kind-hearted and fun folks to be around. Let's all get together at WONDERFEST - Louisville, KY - in May!

And vote for them anywhere they appear on your RONDO AWARDS BALLOT! I wish they could collectively be awarded Monster Kid of the Century!!


  1. As a member of the UMA, I thank you for that wonderful post and hope there's a tie for Best Fan Event!


  2. That's my wish too!

    Thanks from another member of the UMA!


    P.S. The word I have to verify to post is "idwint." As in "My idwint, but my ego always stays." Or maybe it's part of that old song, "Idwint I Dwelt in Marble Halls."

    Forry Lives Eternal!