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Monday, March 8, 2010

A nod to Red Velvet from Argento himself!

Henry Thomas and the Red Velvet Maniac!

"I enjoy with red velvet is a good work also for you producer. I hope a day to meet you all best - dario argento"

Dario Argento, undisputed Maestro of Italian horror, likes my movie RED VELVET! So much so that he sent a personal e-mail (quoted above) to my dear friend and RV producer Sean Fernald, saying so! This was an incredible validation for our creative team, as we'd hoped to pay homage to the master in our visual design of the movie. SUSPIRIA was a very big influence on our lighting design and color palette, not to mention some of the surreal elements we went for.

Not that our cake needs more frosting, but if we were to indulge, the icing on the cake is that the gracious Argento biographer and film reviewer Maitland McDonagh is also in our corner. You can read her comments and columns here at: MISS FLICKCHICK! If you haven't seen our movie, what are you waiting for? We made it just for YOU! Order your DVD or BluRay copy here: RED VELVET.

Also join our Red Velvet FaceBook page to keep updated on the comings and gore-ings of the film.

[Joe Moe served as co-writer, co-producer and a production designer with John Goss on Red Velvet]

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