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Saturday, February 27, 2010

MANIACS serve Horror-Haggis in Scotland!

FIRST LOOK: UK Tour Poster

Tim Sullivan willfully transported his cannibals over state lines to deliver his 2001 MANIACS to Glasgow, Scotland. Last night the new 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS made it's UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Theater to a ravenous, sold out crowd.
"2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams is yet another brilliant love-letter to Herschell Gordon Lewis’ original gore films of the 60’s and Sullivan has delivered on all counts, building on the original 2001 Maniacs to create what is essentially a horror comic brought to life on the screen. Gore fans will love it, those tired of political correctness will love it… Even your mother will love it! (Actually she won’t)." - Blogomatic 3000.com
Here's the complete first review of the movie: Blogomatic 3000
Tim Sullivan reports that the audience laughed, screamed and cheered through the entire film. At the end if the screening, Tim received a standing ovation as he took to the podium for a Q&A! Tim then signed countless MANIACS posters for appreciative fans. A few (dozen) ales later and Tim's off to the next screenings...
Next stops:
Dublin: Irish Film Institute,
Tues. March 2nd - 6:30 - 9:30PM
Sheffield: Sheffield Showroom,
Thurs. March 4th - 8:20 - 11:20PM
London: Prince Charles Theater,
Sat. March 6th - 4:00 - 7:00PM (hosted by John Landis)
Come out and SPREAD THE RED!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nature Boy

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I left Los Angeles early Tuesday morning with my pal Earl Roesel. It was still dark and the city was only beginning to roll over as we drove off and out of it. Earl is a vampire from Kentucky. He's escaped "back there" to come "out here" to pursue his dream(s) which transcend(s) being kicked around by red-necked relatives and having a Kentucky address. He's a fascinating person not at all what he seems, whatever that is.

I drove out into the desert just as the sun overflowed canyons, spilling from between hills. The orange light crystallized the sand-painting then. Shadows stretched toward us from the bases of cacti, stone, tumbleweeds. I was uncharacteristically silent, letting Earl take it all in for the first time. I peeked over at him...

He was making the kind of face one does when a fellow passenger leaves a vapor trail in an elevator. I rolled down the window for added impact, letting crisp desert air fill the entire Toyota cabin. Earl burrowed deeper into his seat. "What?" I asked. Earl explained;

"Yuck! It's just dirty mounds of dirt, glass and trash. And it...God, it stinks! It smells like...like burnt chocolate but with every bit of moisture sucked out. Burnt chocolate powdered and spread all over the place. Barren, brown ugly hills with sprigs of parsley sprouting up everywhere. God! And just think of the scorpions and other poisonous bugs hiding under every rock. And look at all the rocks! Roll up the windows, please! There are probably hermit dwarves living between those smelly hills. Coming down occasionally to kidnap tourists from truck stops. Stealing their cell phones and sending out pornographic text messages. Jesus! Roll up the window. You're crazy!"


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad Haiku, Worse Movie...

Lying trailer

boring winter island

Leo's tears, wasted

Forry's Hit List: Part 2

And the list goes on...

...AND BEFRIENDED Groff Conklin, “Darth Vader”, “Vampira”, “Elvira,” “Moona Lisa”, “Sulu”, Seymour, “Nocturna”, “Pogo”,“Little Angie”, Gray Daniels, Grace Talbot (Esperantist), Robt. Cridland (had a great opening line for an sf story but never developed it), Verne Langdon (makeup maestro), Stan Freberg, Helen Huber, Geo. Kennedy, Jeff Rector (DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS), Tanith Lee, Nicholas Roeg (THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH), Karl-Herbert Scheer, John Hall (note: not Jon), Marjii Ellers, Simone Simon (THE CAT PEOPLE), Evelyn Venable (DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY), John & Bjo Trimble, Tonii & Gwenae Meadows, Ned Mann (DELUGE destruction), Sally Forest (Karloffilm), Richard Kiel (THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS), Fay Wray, Oscar Friend, Dave Fox, Jean-Claude Romer, Al Lewis, Ian Wolfe (MAD LOVE), Kenneth Tobey (THE THING), Morris Ankrum (ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU), Donald Day, Baron Karl Edward Forst von Lutz, Joe Gibson, Harry Chester, Bob Thompson, Lloyd West, Victor Clark, Al Adamson, An Tran, Trevin Matchik,Ondine Degas, Alicia Carducci, John Tomerlin, Robt. Silverberg, Gus Willmorth, Andrew Lenard, Bob Skotak, Jim Knuttel, Tony Perkins (PSYCHO), Terry Moore (MIGHTY JOE YOUNG), Michel Piccoli (TORTICOLA CONTRE FRANKENBERG), Hurd Hatfield, Lily Latte (Mrs. Fritz Lang), Kevin Thomas, Albert De Quay, Jerad Walters, Chris McCartney, Alex Stamenov, Tony Tierney, Del Wynans, Doug Wright, Lon Chaney’s brother, Lon Chaney Jr.’s wife, Ed M. Clinton Jr., Elmer Perdue, the DeCourceys, Kurt Neumann (ROCKETSHIP X-M) Hank/Jean Stine, Stanley Mullen (“Kinsmen of the Dragon”), Frank Robinson, Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Joe Dante, John Landis, Jenny Agutter (AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON), Kirk Alyn (Superman), Anna Sten (Russian star), Robt. Wise (THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL), Bob Weiss (AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON), Huell Howser , Bill Mumy, Richard Eyer (INVISIBLE BOY), Frank Darabont (THE GREEN MILE), Lon Chaney Jr., Ron Chaney, Sherwood Springer (“No Land of Nod”), Lloyd Biggle Jr., Amelia Reynolds Long, Dick Miller, Peter Bogaslawski, Beverly Brandt, Martha Olinjnyk, Andre Carneiro, Jack Chalker, Bob & Jody Clampett, Ardath Mahar, Jan van Huisan, Harold Clark, Robert Clarke (THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON), Scott Holton, Milt Larsen, David Hewett, Leo Handel, Hal Clement, Dal Coger, Bill Cobun, Sandy Cohen, Paula Crist, Robt. Coulson, Doug Crepeau, Hal Curtis, Jaroslav Olsa, Dwight Decker, Harvey Clarke, June Koblick, H. Warner Munn, Otto Kruger & wife, Charles Beaumont (“The Crooked Man”, numerous Twilight Zones), Jonathon Haze (LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS), Vertlieb bros., Joe Franklin, Lou Tabakow (Big Heart), Chas. Willard Diffin, Jos. Wm. Skidmore, Arte Johnson, Stan Lee, Berta Burnill, Hal Taves, Paul Skeeters, Ben Bova, Ed Bryant, Somtow Sucharitkul, Leroy J. Leckrone, Yodko Mihailavitch, Dmetrio Viktorov Chekovich, Andrew Lenard, Geo. Romani, Alan Dean Foster, Greg Benford, Daniel Keyes (“Flowers for Algernon”), Coco Olson & Mike Copner (Cult Movies), Buddy Barnett, Peter Jackson, Ray Russell (MR. SARDONICUS), Burgess Meredith (TIME ENOUGH AT LAST), John Carpenter, Fred Olen Ray, Jim Wynorski, Toby Hooper, Don Glut,Lincoln Bond, Ray Beam, Raymond Van Houten, Ed Kramer, John Bethancourt, Roberto Baraeiro, Dr. Donald Reed, Manny Weltman,Tom Savini, Joe Blasco, Gertrude Astor (silent CAT AND THE CANARY), William K. Everson, Hazel Court (MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH),Katherine Marcuse (“21st Century Mother”), Ondine Degas, William Tuttle,Walt Liebscher, AbbyLu Ashley, damon knight, August Derleth, Jack Wiedenbeck, E. Everett Evans (Big Heart Award), Jonne Evans, Anthony Boucher, Ray Palmer, John W. Campbell, John Scott Campbell, Trudy Kuslan, Olga Alings, the Poul Andersons, the Joe Haldemans, Tad Duke, Jay Robinson, Bea Mahaffey, Mary Gnaedinger, Farnsworth Wright, Ed Wood (I was his il-lterary agent), Conrad Brooks, Shel Dorf, “Wid”, Mark Reinsberg, Erle Korshak (Shasta Press), Julie Unger, Chas. Ruppert, Julie Schwartz (Superman, Big Heart), Larry Niven, John Dalmas, CA Brandt, Poul Anderson, Dingbo Wu, Mark Scott Zicree,Sue Lloyd, Lloyd Eshbach (Fantasy Press), Raymond F. Jones, Olon Wiggins, Roy Hunt, Bruce Yerke, Leonard O. Genson, Alley Bagget (Playboy Lingerie Queen & sf fan), Cheryl Rixon (a Penthouse Pinup of the Year), Russ Hodgkins, Walt Daugherty, Barbara Bovard, Jan Rader,Celeste DePinto,Ida Nazon, Miriam Chown, Dale Hart, Lucie B. Shepherd, Perry Lewis,Geo. H. Smith, Atlantis Hallam, Maurice Duclos, John Anson Ford, John Kobal, Al Drebin, Henry Hasse,Jayne Mansfield, Greg Bazaz, Michael Bergmann, Stuart Palmer (Ghost Stories editor), Bob Tucker,Art Widner (Big Heart), Bill Hamling, Ron Ellik (tragic h&r death), Ron Sweed, Antonio Bellomi, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Stanley Simon, Kenne G, Chas. Saphro, Ara Pashinian, Perren Page, Marc Lawrence, Fred Jackman (LOST WORLD photographer), Jason (suicider), Kendall Foster Crossen, Clinton Constantinescu, Jack Darrow, Johnny Legend, Walter Dunkelberger, Ossie Train, Geo. & Helen Tullis, Dolores Fuller, Miriam Chown, Jack Speer, Rusty Hevelin (Big Heart),Terry Pace, Bob Weinberg, Sam Moskowitz (Big Heart, Frank Herbert, Strugatsky bros., Maj. Miles, Dennis Palumbo, Geo. Allen, Steve Tymon, Terry Carr, Frank Quattrocchi (THE PROJECTED MAN), James Kepner (gaydom’s leading actifan), Rex Reason (THIS ISLAND EARTH), Robt. Englund, Albert Van Hageland, Mike Frisby, Ray Heinz, Mark Frank, Mark McGee, Arthur Louis Joquel II, Harris M. Lentz II, John L. Coker III (Big Heart), Dik Daniels (Big Heart), Davey Lee (Sonny Boy), Sybil Jason (Sunny Girl),David Skal, Eric Frank Russell, Philip Jose Farmer, James Gunn, Theo. Sturgeon, Catherine MacLean , Clark Ashton Smith, Harry Bates, Lilith Lorraine, Sophie Wenzel Ellis, Mark Clifton, Alex Apostolides, Festus Pragnell, Clinton Constantinescu, Elma Wentz, Robin White, Ulysses Geo. Mihalakis, Allen Glasser (eofan), Aubrey MacDermott (“The First Fan”, Big Heart), “Dotty the Demon” Faulkner, L. Major Reynolds, Maj. Oscar G. Estes Jr., Jacque Fresco (best human being I have ever known—now 50 years—in my life; my vote for man to cure this sick planet), Joe Kucera, Nissen Himmel,Carl Esmond (THE CATMAN OF PARIS), Norman Caldwell, Dusty Duke, Day Gee, Jean & Annie Lenard, Ben Jason, Ben Indick, Ralf Harolde (CREATION, the KING KONG test reel), Neil Thompsett (l3-year-old sf book author), Harry Harrison (Esperanto buddy), John “Gor” Norman et ux, the Pohls, Linus Hogenmiller (my first penpal), Doug Jones, Chuck Jones, the Haldemans, the de Camps, Avram Davidson,Ward Moore, Bert I. Gordon, Alex Gordon et ux, Jimmy Starr, Leonard Maltin, Eugene M. Kay Jr., Al Kracalik, Ardath Mayar, Greg Mank, Willis McNelly, Roger Ebert, Bramwell Fletcher (THE MUMMY), Olivia DeHavilland, Zacherley, Spring Byington (WEREWOLF OF LONDON), Elsa Lanchester, Lester Anderson, Jim Hardin, Brian W. Aldiss, Lori Nelson (THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED), Ford McCormack, Peter Cushing (not enough could be said), Phil Tippet, David Allen, Jim Danforth (major animator), Milt Luban (“The Spirit was Willing”, called me “One of Nature’s noblemen”), John Drew Barrymore (WAR OF THE ZOMBIES), Angus Scrimm (the Tall Man), Robert Quarry (COUNT YORGA),Johnny Eck (the “half-boy” of FREAKS), Lois “Mousie” Goetz, James Karen (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), Karen Black (BURNT OFFERINGS), George Hamilton (LOVE AT FIRST BITE), Anne Parillaud (INNOCENT BLOOD), Marla English (THE SHE-CREATURE), Al Mussen (LASFS pre-WW2 casualty in some death march), Eddie (curse myself that I’ve forgotten the last name of this tragic LASFS member, sweet sf fan & Esperantist, murdered by hitchhikers with 6 bucks in his pocket, posthumously a club “Angel”), Eb Taylor, Ed Hamill, Aunt “Beeze”,Louis Molnar (“Deka Parsec”), Tom Odems, John Saxon (STRANGE NEW WORLD), John Agar (to whom I inadvertently gave a premature burial), Rolf Bingenheimer & father, Douglas McClure (THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT), Chas. Takacs and the other Takacs, F. Lee Baldwin, John Ball, James Van Hise, Ron Adams, the Svehlas, Mike Fern, Tim Sullivan, Curt Siodmak, Adam West (Batman), Gae Griffith (Geo. Pal’s Girl Friday), Al Adamson (DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN director), pioneering scientifiction authors Aladra Septama, Ray Cummings, Edmond Hamilton, Bob Olsen, Bob Bloch (Big Heart), RFStarzl, Harl Vincent (he gave me his first manuscript, “The Golden Girl of Munan”),Clifford D. Simak, Stanton A. Coblentz, Arthur J. Burks, Fletcher Pratt,Clare Winger Harris, Nelson S. Bond, John Taine, Hugo Gernsback (The Father of Science Fiction), David H. Keller (Big Heart), Edw. E. “Gray Lensman” Smith (Big Heart), Ed Earl Repp (he signed a letter to me “Your greatest admirer”), Gardner Hunting (author of the legendary novel “The Vicarion”); Argentina’s Mr. Science Fiction (Hector R. Pessina ,“The Lonely Alien”), Australia’s Mr. SF (Ron Graham, Big Heart),Belgium’s Mr. SF (Albert Van Hageland) and Mr. Imagi-Movie Man (M. Ledoux), Brazil’s Mr. SF (Jose Sanz), Bulgaria’s Mr. SF (Alex Stamenof), Canada’s Mr. SF (Les Croutch), China’s Miss SF (Lily Jasmine), Czech Republic’s Mr. SF (Josef Nesvadba), Denmark’s Mr. SF (Hans Siden), England’s Mr. SF (Edw. J. “Ted” Carnell), Esperantujo’s pioneering familio (the Chomettes Charles, Germaine, Dianto & Lilio), France’s Mr. SF (George’s Gallet, Big Heart), France’s Monsieur Imagi-Movie Man (Jean-Claude Romer), E. Germany’s Mr. SF (Herbert Haeussler, Big Heart), W. Germany’s Mr. SF (Walter Ernsting, Perry Rhodan), Hawaii’s Mr. SF (Peter W. Vollmann), Holland’s Miss SF (Jannelies Smit), Hungary’s Mr. SF (Peter Kuczka), Israel’s Mr. SF (Oskar Wahrmann), Italy’s Mr. SF (Andrea Ferarri), Japan’s Mr. SFs (pioneer Tetsu Yano, and Takumi Shibano, Big Heart), Luxembourg’s Mr. SF (Alex Kill, tender of my brother’s grave), Mexico’s Mr. SF (Antonio Helu), New Zealand’s Mr. SF (he sponsored the Forrycon and imported me and, shakatabulo! the dear fan’s name eludes me at this senior moment), Poland’s Mr. SF (Wiktor Bukato), Romania’s Mr. SF ( Ion Hobana), Russia’s Mr. SF (Vladimir Gakov),Scotland’s Mr. SF (Peter Hamilton), Slovakia’s Miss SF (Zita Dittel, Esperantist), Spain’s Mr. SF (Luis Gasca), Sweden’s Miss SF (Kristina Hallind), Switzerland’s Mr. SF (Pierre Versins), Tasmania’s Mr. SF (Donald Tuck, Big Heart), Transylvania’s Miss SF (Cornelia Ilie—please contact me!), Turkey’s Mr. SF (Giovanni Scognamillo), Uruguay’s Mr SF (Marcial Souto), Yugoslavia’s Mr. SF (Boris Grabnar, fellow Esperantist); Universal’s President Carl Laemmle (“Give this kid anything he wants”), Carla Laemmle (PHANTOM OF THE OPERA/DRACULA), William Marshall (BLACULA), Nils Hardin, Chas. Trenet, Frank Dietz, Ethel (AMPAS) Anderson, Robert l8-Bisang, Elaine Wojichowski (Big Heart), Miss Opie (grammar school teacher), Miss Snell (high school teacher), Rick Ekstedt, Dave Elder, Bill Ellern, Gabe Essoe, Roger Elwood,Tom & Terri Pinckard (Big Hearts), Chester Cuthbert (Canada’s “The Sublime Vigil”), genre artists Frank R. Paul, Paule (single-named female), Virgil Finlay, Elliott Dold, Albert Nuetzell, Josh Kirby,Dave Stevens, Wm. Stout, Ronald Clyne, Jim Mooney,Ron Miller, Morris Scott Dollens,Bernard Zuber,Sol Dember, Karel Thole, Geo. Barr, John R. Gray III, Gray Morrow, Ron Cobb, Richard Corben, Rosaleen Norton (green-teethed ether-breathing lesbian), Alika Watteau (I believe she married Lindbergh), Bob Juanillo, Robt. Keith Murphy, Trina Robbins, Cynthia Goldstone, Wac Lt. E E Horton (you must be about my age if still alive; S/Sgt. Ack-Ack had a crush on you), Osman Askin, Frank Frazetta, Edd Cartier, Frank Kelly & Laura Freas, Bill Rotsler (Big Heart), Burian (Czech), Basil Gogos, Steranko; Kenneth Strickfaden (“ElecStrick” of FRANKENSTEIN, JUST IMAGINE et al), Jeff Morrow (THIS ISLAND EARTH),Chantelle Covington Poole, G. John Edwards, Joan Fontaine, (VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA), Kevin McCarthy (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS), JRR Tolkien, Octavia Butler, Betsy Curtis, the Pohls, Es & Les Cole, Diana Ryan, Alain Schlockoff, Thos. Schlueck, Tom Scortia, Dolores Faith (THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS), Madelaine Duke, Penn & Teller, Alan Dean Foster, Danny Ellman, Ken Bulmer, A, Bertram Chandler, F. M. Busby, Lin Carter, Grania Davis, John Christopher, Whit Bissel (SOYLENT GREEN), Phil Seuling, Mari-Beth Colvin, Stuart Teitler, Hurd Hatfield (THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY), Roger Corman (nufsed), Sari Maritza, Evi Detring-Nathan, Al Mellor, Dennis Muren, Sakyo Komatsu, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Curtis Harrington (QUEEN OF BLOOD), Dik Daniels (Big Heart), Rick Sneary (Big Heart), Stan Woolston (Big Heart), Jerry Pournelle, Martin Varno (NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST), actor Roland Varno (he gave me the picture postcard of Marlene Dietrich from THE BLUE ANGEL where you blow up the feathers around her waist), Josef von Sternberg (Marlene’s Svengali), Eleanor McGeary (Marlene’s secretary: “I admire you for a number of reasons”— me at l5), Henri Langlois, Geo. Langelaan (THE FLY), Bill Blackbeard, Harry Nadler, Robt. Reginald, Frank Riley, Andrew Offutt, Gardiner Blackman, Mr. Hicks, Robt. Peterson, Wyott Ordung (ROBOT MONSTER), Robert Barbour Johnson (“Down Below”), Dell Wolfensparger (my CDRoms), Barry Atwater (THE NIGHTSTALKER), Lucy Chase Williams (Vincent Price’s biographer), Richard Valley,Steven Utley, Volney G. Matheson, Philip Latham, Frank Robinson, Dr. Donald Reed, Trish & Jay Pearlman, Paul Turner, Buzz Aldrin (astronaut), Madge Bellamy (WHITE ZOMBIE), Jeff Gelb, H. Warner Munn, Mark Carducci (PUMPKINHEAD), Scott MacQueen, Jim Warren (FMOF), actress Una Merkel, Phil Riley, Tad Duke, Gary Don Rhodes, Geo. O. Smith, Ed Kramer, Ursula K. LeGuin, Jimmy Taurasi, John Baltadonis, Kenner bros., Lizzy Albright, Day Gee, Howie Lowe, Paddy Fitzgerald Grattan & sister Iris, Milton Rothman & son, Gary Dorst, Jerry Weist, Rich Correll (son of Andy of Amos & Andy), Hans Stephen Santessen, Vern Coriell (Burroughs Fan #1, Big Heart), Victor & Vanessa Koman, Jamie Lee Curtis,Paul Bunnell, Geo. Clayton Johnson (LOGAN’S RUN), Arthur J. Cox, Stuart Gardner, Brad Linaweaver, Louis & Bebe Barron (electronic tonalities of FORBIDDEN PLANET), Lance Alspaugh (imagi-movie oriented theater mgr.), Frank Coe (“Music for Robots”),Donatas Banionis (Ukrainian star of SOLARIS), Don Willis, Janet Leigh (PSYCHO),Rainer Eisfeld, Walter Gillings, J. Michael Rosenblum, G. Ken Chapman, Walt Willis, James White, Bruce Pelz, the Craynes, the Hansons,Gary Patti & sister, Rick Strauss, Doug Aiken (METROPOLIS fan #2), Rolf Giesen, Cameron (INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME), David Bradley (THEY SAVED HITLER’S BRAIN), John Flory, DCFontana, Jonathan Frid, Raymond Z. Gallun, Gustavo Vintas, Nik Grant, Mayor Tom Bradley, Rouben Mamoulian (DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE), Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Geo. Lucas, Edw. Van Sloan,Clive Barker, Pat Murphy, Peter Zimmerman, Harry Thomas (pioneering makeup artist), Dennis Etchison, Chas. Jackson,Claude Degler, Foss twins,Helen Finn, Dorothy Hasse, Bill Cox, Steve Forrest (AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON), Richard Sheffield (Lugosi’s great acolyte at the end of his life), Don Grant, William F. Temple (“Four-Sided Triangle”), organist Korla Pandat, Stephen Crane (CRY OF THE WEREWOLF), Louise Fletcher (BRAINSTORM), Yma Sumac (The Voice of the Ixtabay), Anais Nin, Harry Knowles, Herman Weinberg, Gloria DeHaven, Gloria Stuart (THE INVISIBLE MAN), Vincent Price, Bob Burns, Glenn Strange, Paul Freehafer, Fred Patten, Bud Court, Sean Fernald, Aurora Fernald, Joe Moe [here I am, did you find you?], Glenn Phipps, Michelle & Lorene Simpson, Chuck Wampler, Lin Carter, Kris Neville, Warren Dexter, David Daniels, Betty Browder, Steven Utley, Ann Orhelein, Bruce Pelz, Ed Wood (I was his il-literary agent), Mike Glyer, Harry Turtledove, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Danton Burroughs, Lloyd Eaton, CJCherry, Coral Browne, John Payne (dreamed of filming “The Demolished Man”), Sir J. Paul Getty .


I put Philip Wylie (“Generation of Vipers”) on a pedestal and pointed out to him that it was a perfect position to kick me in the teeth when he misunderstood something I was trying to do for him. His handwritten response: “You have now heaped sufficient coals on my head to keep me from getting icy for some time to come.”

On the outskirts of Erlanger, KY, discovering the town of Frankenstein (pop. 26) Ask me about this adventure.

Meeting Henry “Tropic of Capricorn” Miller. Ask me about this.

The Best Stories of All Time Burroughs anecdote; ask.

The “Blacky Lagoon” anecdote. (I’ve been at this for a week and am running out of spoo. My wordprocessor denies there is such a word but I’ve been using it all my life)

The KING KONG Pteranadon Story.

The Taiwan Spook House Story. [I am honored to have contributed this story to Uncle Ack's canon - Joe Moe]

The Margaret Borst Brontosaurus Ashtray Tale.

The Ray Harryhausen “My Martian!”

The Ray Harryhausen Odd John Mask tale.

The Jonquil Leiber “Witch House” Experience.

The autograph in my copy of of ”King Kong” by ‘Edgar Wallace’.

The Karloff autograph l5 years after he died.

Meeting Heinlein.

Meeting Hubbard.

Meeting HGWells.

The Zeppelin magazine story.

The Orchideengarten Story.

The Cervantes/Don Quixote Story.

The 35 mile detour to a Sheepish Surprise.


The Walt Willis Pacific Ocean Story.

My first flight.

Most memorable opening line of a book (by Mildred Cram).

Most memorable opening of an sf story (I may not have this exactly right): “The doorknob opened its blue eye and winked”—Henry Kuttner.

Most memorable last 3 lines of a book (by Maude Meagher).

Most memorable last line of a sci-fi story (hint: sevagram).

My best last lines: “And when the (typwriter) hammer fell away, there was a little spot of red”—“Micro-Man”…”The Muties have a saying, “Two heads are better than none”—“The Mute Question”.

Most heart-rending moment in an sf story: “I am nothing” in the story of the same name by Eric Frank Russell.

Everybody’s favorite heart-breaker: “The Cold Equations”, Tom Godwin.

Most heart-rending introduction to a book, I don’t know its name, by Cordwainer Smith: “I love you, little brown girl” (to a dead body).

Most difficult scene to translate to the screen (by E. Everett Evans): “Slowly and painfully he leapt to his feet. And ran a foot.”

The Walt Willis Disneyland Story.

The $1000 Grandma Story.

The Normal Bean Story.

Olaf Stapledon’s widow.


The Burroughs Best Stories of All Time Story.

The Hubbard “Excalibur; or, The Dark Sword” Story.

The Hubbard Hypnotism Story.

The John Landis SCHLOCK Story

The Honorary Lesbian Story.

The Wendayne PHANTOM OF THE OPERA story.

The trio who got an hour of my time on auction.

The Fans Visit the Nudists Tale.

My 2 million word 34 hr taperecording 40 yrs ago of memories for UCLA.

The JRRTolkien Story.

The Hornig/Haggard Story.

The Heinlein Hugo Story.

The Heinlein Denvention Speech Story.

Edmond Hamilton Telephone Tale.

Theft of the Dracula Ring Story.

The 400 Piece Theft Story.

The Walt Willis Big Toe in the Pacific Ocean Story

The Bert Campbell Steak Story (a hot one).

The Geo. Pal/FJA Hookers Story.

The Chas. Beaumont/Marilyn Monroe Story.

The FJA/Jane Fonda Story.

The Bradbury Bldg. Planchette Story.

The “Dr. Ackula vs Frankenstein” Story

The Star Trek FRANKENSTEIN & ME Story.

The Algis Budrys Story.

The Ed Earl Repp Story.

The Bob Olsen Story.

The FJA Cigaret Story.

The Tetsu Yano Story.

The Johnny Eck (“Half-Boy” of FREAKS) Story.

The Sci-Fi Smorgasbord Lunch in Sweden.

The first Chicon Newspaper Story.

The Creation of FMOF.

The FMOF Pool Story.

The Premature Burial Story

The Rio de Janeiro Lunch Menu.

The Fritz Lang/Florence Marly Story.

Glord! I’ve got a lot of stories left in me. (No such word as Glord? Garn! It’s my futuristicontraction of Good Lord…like God be with Ye morphed into Goodby)

Funniest sex joke I ever heard (if you’re l8 or over or 90 or under)

The “Don’t rub it in” derivation (if you’re over 21)

The Isaac Asimov 25-foot-dash story (if you’re over 25)

The “Tool of Her Trade” Brother Theodore anecdote (if you’re over 50)

The “Lies Are but a Scam” Ferry Tales (if you plan to live to be l00)

Shakatabulo! If I don’t watch out just mentioning what I’ve left out will be longer than what I’ve told!

In any event, I guess all the names I remembered will demonstrate I’m not suffering from—what’s the name, Al, of that S’heimer’s disease?

Afterthought: How many names do YOU recognize? Count ‘em and tell me—I’ll trust you—and the biggest number will get a prize you probably don’t need! PS: Weinbaum’s widow once told me that when something extra special nice happened to him he referred to it as “an Ackerman day”.

May all your days be FJA days!

(click here for part 1)

Did you find yourself on Forry's list? Tell us about it! Post below...

Forry's Hit List: Part 1

In his golden years, Forrest J Ackerman became absorbed in the writing of lists. Lists of songs he knew. Lists of TV shows he'd appeared on. Lists of people who'd visited the Ackermansion, etc. I just came across one of these lists while I was seeking out existing material to share with all of you on my blog. Some people will view such a list as an obsessive exercise. But I see it for more than that. I've always believed that Forry was not at all an egotistical person but rather, like many, constantly trying to prove his worth. I view these lists as testimonies to Forry's need to prove to himself that he made a difference on this planet. He certainly didn't have to convince us! It's also possible that these tests of memory kept him sharp and bright right until the day he left us. If your name's not in this list it doesn't mean you weren't an important part of Forry's life. As BatPacker John Goss used to say, "Forry favors whoever brought the last donut!" - actually, whoever filled out their sweater the best! HA! I hope you enjoy this free-writing example of our favorite Uncle's favorite pastime (circa 2001):

I knew it! I told you so! A million more memories have surfaced. Read on at your own risk.

There came to mind all the female fanta-names, most of whom you may possibly recognize, who have pleasured this old geezer with one kiss or more: Catherine Moore, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ree Dragonette, Candy Clark (THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH), Terri Pinckard, Terri’s daughters Vicki, Vinnie & especially Cheri, Mrs. Elly Bloch, Angelique Pettyjohn (STAR TREK), Brinke Stevens, Djinn Faine, Alaskan Cyndi, Lily Tomlin (THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN), Kristina Hallind, silent film star Billie Dove (acted with Karloff!), dear Celia Lovsky (Queen of Spock’s planet), Mrs. Pearl Farberow, Carla Laemmle, Florence Marly (QUEEN OF BLOOD), Bradbury’s 4 daughters, Linda Blair, Arban Qurelas, (Vampirella model), Mrs. Dragica Grabnar, Samanda Jeude (Big Heart), Janet Klein,Johanna Mattox, Calugula Cordero, Cecelia & Yolanda, Cleo “Nardat” Baldon, Marie Lecrevain, my collaborators Morojo, Tigrina, Pamela Keesey and Anne Hardin, Phyllis Farkas, Heidi Saha, Barbara Wrede, Nikki Fritz, Debbie Dutch, Deanna Lund, Coral Browne (Mrs. Vincent Price), Mrs. Ruth Byhower, Leslie F. Stone (“Women with Wings”), Jan Rader, Celeste DePinto, Leslie Colton, Pogo, “Winky” Cervon, “Carrot Top”, Mrs. Nicky Gold,Mrs Ruth Gordon, Mrs. Betty Farmer, Tilly Lund, Nancy Featherstone, Frau Inge Glass, Mrs. Dee Bowman, Marianne Ruuth, Mrs. Cynthia Goldstone, Mrs. Diana Harryhausen, Vanessa Harryhausen, Mrs. Anna Louise Germeshausen, Mary Trelawney, Mrs. Theresa Carducci, Mrs.“Lebosi” (Isobel backwards) Burbee, Mrs. Lonie Ward, Trudy Sweet, Sophie Von Buelow, Flo Steinberg, Diana Stanton, Ann Robinson, Barbara Leigh (“Original Vampirella”),Mrs. Janalies Smit (Holland), Mrs. Mary Ellen Rabioglatti Daugherty, Tammy Hajewski, Carol Lyn Kroger, Mrs. Liz Schindler, Mrs. Sam Russell,Grace Tabot, Elmer Perdue’s “sisto”, Shirley Wrede, Mrs. Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Tanya Vinogradenko (Ukraine), Jill Taggart, Mrs. Mary Hershey, Mrs. Brigitte Nuetzel, “Tuffy Toenails” Nuetzell, Lucy Chase Williams, Susan Cabot (THE WASP WOMAN), Ray Cummings’ widow/author, Mrs. Linda Strawn (Strawn Bovee), Mrs. Sam Sherman, Mrs. Zeena Schreck, Mrs. Fariba Reemes, Mrs. Chris Etchison, Debbie Painter, Lisa Mitchell, Maria Camacho, “Xtine” Lyons, Olga Alings (my gradeschool heartthrob), Mrs. June Koblick, Mrs. Gloria McMillan, Jessie Lilley, dear dead deaf lesbian Christina, dear dead British lesbian, Jasmine Brzezinski, Cornelia Ilie, ‘Beamgirl’, Ingrid Zierhut, Chery Moormann, Pesia Wahrmann, Susan Barrows, Sheila Gavin, Nataljo Gebarski, Karen Barta,Rosemarie Baumgart, Gigi Porter, Torill (reincarnation of Marlene), Vanessa Koman, Mrs. Darcy Fernald, Mona Tizabi, Sandi, Diana Minsky, Gisele Strauss, ”Sleeveheart” Hess, Karen Shaub, Mrs. Madeleine Willis (Ireland), Mrs. Yvonne Gallet (France), Mrs. Ted Carnell (England), “Podkin” Sevrin, Val Anjoorian, Mrs. Mary Dziechowski, Mrs. Alex Kill (Luxembourg), Mrs. Len Moffatt, Mrs. Anthony Boucher, Mrs. Frank Quattrocchi, Stephanie Locke, Jennifer Brooks, “The Other Woman”, Lily Latte (Mrs. Fritz Lang), Sylvie Dizier (France), Heidi Gibson, Janet Malley, Raven O, Mrs. Jonie Knappenberger (Big Heart) & daughter, Mrs. Helen Urban, Mrs. Cynthia Goldstone, Heidi Gibson, Janet Malley, Mrs. Aliki Drebin, Kristen Deem, Mrs. Joanne Siegel, Mrs. Cylvia Margulies, Mrs. Ingrid Herzer, Mrs. John Tomerlin, Mrs. Mokie Phipps (Thailand), Frau Uschi Ernsting (Germany), Mrs. Sig (Perry Rhodan translator) Wahrman, Mrs. Mimi Wahrmann (Israel), Mrs. Antonella Ferarri (Italy), Mrs. Ruth Kyle and daughter Kerry, Coco Olson, Siddie Spurlock, Mrs. Hillary Kline, Mrs. Jessika White, “Winky” & “Louju” Cervon, “Glisten Lips”, Pierre Barbet’s wife and daighter, Katrinka Roberson, Katrina (last name escapes me—Slovakia), Zita Dittelova and sister (Slovakian Esperantists), French sf girl with 5 first names starting with Annette, rest forgotten (but not her charisma), “Jimmie” Laney, the O‘Brien sisters, Dianto & Lilio Chomette (native-born Esperanto sisters), Willis O’Brien’s widow Darlyne, Mrs. Leslyn Heinlein, Mrs. E. Everett Evans (Thelma Hamm), Elma Wentz, Mrs. Joan Temple, Svetlana Makaravich (Yugoslavia), Caroline Munro, Gloria Leroy, Sybil Jason, Quelou Parente (France), Gernsback’s widow, Jonne Evans, Ingrid Pitt,Mrs. “Liz” Fritch, Mrs. Margaret Borst, Mrs. Henrietta Siodmak, Mrs. Geo. Pal, Janrae Frank, Mrs. Paul Turner, Mrs. Helen Dewey, Sharane Yvala Dewey, Judai Dewey, Mrs. Peggy Crawford, Rebekah LeFevre, Elena Verdugo, Angeleque Pettyjohn, Miriam Dyches, Mrs. Melody Bond, Juan Camacho’s sister (Mexico), Yvette Vickers (ATTACK OF THE FIFTY FOOT WOMAN) and of course wife WENDAYNE. Thanks for the memories.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I WISH OUR PATHS HAD NEVER CROSSED: [Nope! No way! I took the liberty of removing this chunk of funk. You don't really wanna know if your name is on this naughty list or not. You think you do, but you don't. At the time this list was generated, older friends weren't around so often. Lots of new friends were appearing and becoming close with the Ackermonster. I don't want to titillate or torture you further, but suffice it to say, there are quite a few surprising names on this "sh*t" list. No, of course I'm not on it. Neither are you...right?]

When I received an inscribed foto from my favorite movie actress of the time, Kay Francis, my name looked so great in her handwriting that I adopted it for my signature and slavishly emulated her chirography till it morphed into mine. And eventually I had the great pleasure of meeting her and handing her a note reading, “Thank you for the use of your handwriting, it has served me well.”

I’m thinking back on the personalities I was fortunate to see during my lifetime: James Cagney (THE MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES), Fred Astaire (GHOST STORY), Ginger (THE l3th GUEST), Bob Crosby, Al Jolson’s brother Harry, Sophie Tucker (“Last of the Red Hot Mamas”),Texas Guinan (“Hello, Sucker!”), Don Rickles (INNOCENT BLOOD), Satchmo, Ida Lupino, Joel Gray (CABARET live: fabulous), Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand (last performance), pianist Tschaikowski (spelling? Mother & I bored by his recital and left!), Edmund Lowe (CHANDU THE MAGICIAN), Mickey Rooney, Mary Pickford (SPARROWS), Edw.G. Robinson (FLESH AND FANTASY), Virgina Christine (THE MUMMY’S TOMB, “Mrs. Olson” on TV commercials), Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Lamour, Deanna Durbin, Fannie Brice, Johnny Mathis, Geo. Jessel, Ray Charles, Paul Robeson,Roman Polanski, Steve Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Will Rogers & son, Buster Keaton (the Mexican Moon movie), Joan Crawford (Lon Chaney’s THE UNKNOWN), Loretta Young (Lon Chaney’s LAUGH,CLOWN, LAUGH, and I got my picture in Life magazine sitting in the row behind her in her Oscar-winning role as THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER), Mae Murray, Gloria Swanson, Mireille Matheu, Evangeline Walton, El Brendel (JUST IMAGINE), Frankie Albertson (JUST IMAGINE), Frank Herbert, Laurel & Hardy, the Nicholas bros., Patrick Macnee, Lyle Talbot (PLAN 9),Gloria Steinem,John Emery (KRONOS), Michael Mark (FRANKENSTEIN), Evangeline Walton, Chester Morris (SHE CREATURE), Glenn Ford, Franchot Tone (GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE), Geo. Sanders (VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED), Harold Lloyd, Olsen & Johnson (GIFT OF GAB), Liz Taylor, Julie Andrews, Burl Ives, James Melton, Dick Powell (same birthdays), Tommy Dorsay, Ethel Merman, Chico Marx, Richard Burton, Katherine Hepburn, Robert Loggia (INNOCENT BLOOD), movie comedian team Karl Dane & Geo. K. Arthur, Mae West, Cary Grant (TOPPER), Jessie Matthews, Josephine Baker, Pia Zadora (SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS), first transsexual (name regretfully forgotten but he/she was a charming impressive individual—oops, just surfaced: Christine Jorgesen), Udo Kier (SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE), Gary Cooper (PETER IBBETSON), Chas. Boyer (LILIOM), John Hoyt (WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE), Harpo Marx, Candy Barr (notorious stripper), Geo. Raft, Ruth Donnelley, Heather Angel (BERKELEY SQUARE), Butch Patrick (MUNSTERS), Mario Racic Jr., Drew Barrymore (as a child), Roman Polanski (THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS), Lilyan Tashman, Helen Gahagan (SHE), Tony Martin, Ronald Reagan, Raquel Welch (ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.), Joan Bennett (DARK SHADOWS), Singer Donovan, June Preisser & sister (specialty dancers in the Ziegfeld Follies), Sally Rand (famous Fan Dancer), Robert Mitchum, Jan Miljan, Michael Redgrave (DEAD OF NIGHT),Claudette Colbert (CLEOPATRA), Elissa Landi (THE l3th CHAIR), Hedy Lamarr (I got 2 words in Esperanto put in her film LADY OF THE TROPICS), Lupita Tovar (Spanish DRACULA), Murray Leinster, Aznavour.

AND TO SHAKE HANDS WITH Paul Henreid (BETWEEN TWO WORLDS), Marlene Dietrich, Maurice Chevalier, Geo. Burns, Frank Capra, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Maria Riva (Marlene’s daughter), son of Erich von Stroheim (THE CRIME OF DR. CRESPI), Walt Disney, Will & Auriel Durant, Mariel Hemingway (THE SUICIDE CLUB),Otis Adelbert Kline, Willy Ley, Maureen O’Sullivan (Tarzan’s Jane, LN-l8 of JUST IMAGINE), Billy Wilder, Ralph Milne Farley, John Boles (FRANKENSTEIN), James Arness (THE THING), Robt. Armstrong (KONG), Bruce Cabot (KONG), Sam Hardy (KONG), Merian C. Cooper (KONG), and when I met Joel McCrea of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME I said a la Leslie Banks, “You have beaten me, Rainsford” and he replied, “Not yet!”, Cesar Romero (LOST CONTINENT), Lana Turner, Wm. Shatner (INCUBUS in Esperanto), Raul Roulien (IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE, WHEN YOU’RE THE LAST MAN ON EARTH), Paul Naschy (Spain’s primary horror star), Jean Parker (GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE), Rod Serling, Rock Hudson (SECONDS), Mickey Rooney’s son Timmy (VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS), Nils Asther (THE MAN IN HALF-MOON STREET), Michael York (LOGAN’S RUN), Jackie Coogan (THE SPACE CHILDREN), Jackie Cooper (SUPERMAN), Buddy Rogers, Lee Remick (THE MEDUSA TOUCH), Turhan Bey (THE MUMMY’S TOMB), Robt. Culp (DEMON WITH THE GLASS HAND), June Kenney (ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE),Frank Gorshin (ATTACK OF THE SAUCERMEN).

AND GOT TO MEET Anne Francis (FORBIDDEN PLANET), Sir Cedric Hardwicke (THINGS TO COME), Tony Perkins (PSYCHO), Walter Wanger (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS), Jack Parsons, Steve Allen, Dennis Hopper (QUEEN OF BLOOD), Rod Steiger (THE ILLUSTRATED MAN), Larraine Day, Cary Guffey (CE3K child), Jack Finney (“The Body Snatchers”), Paul Kohner, Agnes Moorhead, Raymond Rohauer,C. Maclean Savage (“The Cosmic Courtship” in early Argosy), Billy Bob Thornton (SLING BLADE), Francis Lederer (a film Dracula), Patricia & son Forrest Murphy, Philip K. Dick, Talisa Soto (VAMPIRELLA), Jacqueline Bisset (THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE), Sybil Danning (BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS), Landell Bartlett, Walter Kateley, Criswell, Manly Hall (“The Smoky God”), Richard Arlen (THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS), Ray Milland (THE MAN WITH X-RAY EYES), Yvette Mimieux (THE TIME MACHINE), Jameson Thomas (HIGH TREASON), artist Lawrence, Lon Chaney Sr.’s brother, Preston Foster (DR. X), the dear “blind girl” in FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL, Betty Rowland (stripper, “The Redheaded Ball of Fire”),Annie Sprinkles, Milica Korjas, Leslie Perri, Guy Endore (“The Day of the Dragon”).

SAW LIVE “Me and My Shadow” vaudevillian, “The Music Goes Down and Around” singer, “The Little White Cloud” theme song deaf singer (Johnny Ray), “Marta, Rambling Rose of the Wild Wood” singer (Arthur Tracy), Bobby Short, Rosalind Russell (NIGHT MUST FALL), Thurston the Magician, Siegfried & Roy, David Copperfield, the Mills Bros., Horace Height and His Band, “Racing with the Moon” band leader, Rube Wolf and His Orchestra, the Meglin Kiddies, Shirley Temple, Spanky McFarland, Fanchon & Marco stage shows, Ann Miller, Nick Lucas, Frances Langford, Elvis Presley (! sat next to him when he, stf author Bob Olsen & I were on a radio show), Virginia Weidler, Virginia O’Brien, Robt. Vaughn (TRANSYLVANIA TWIST), Mary Brian (silent PETER PAN), Pia Zadora (SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS), Kitty Natividad, Tempest Storm, Herb Jeffreys, Fifi Dorsay (NABONGA), Nicholas Nayfack (producer LOGAN’S RUN), Neil Hamilton (silent star; I’m sure he was in some genre film), Bettye Ackerman (FACE OF FIRE), Geo. Macready (THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS), Red Buttons, Jack Oakie, Lloyd Bridges (ROCKETSHIP X-M), Donna Martell (PROJECT MOONBASE), Monique Van Vooren, Jane Seymour (SOMEWHERE IN TIME).

Part 2 to follow...

(click here for part 2)

Did you find yourself on Forry's list? Tell us about it! Post below...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sullivan's Travels!

Our pal Ogre with Tim Sullivan in Iowa (and gore)!
Tim Sullivan is on the way to the UK, as we speak, to premiere his new movie! If you're lucky enough to be in the designated areas, go see 2001 MANIACS: Field of Screams. If you catch the London screening, tell John Landis Joe Moe says, "Hello!" I'm sure there'll be other surprises along the gory trail. Break a leg Tim!

"Sullivan will host the exciting world premiere on the 26th of February at the esteemed FRIGHTFEST in Glasgow, Scotland before taking the UK by storm with stops in Dublin, Sheffield and culminating in London – with a special guest appearance by Sullivan’s friend and mentor, John Landis!"
  • Glasgow: Glasgow Film Theater, Fri. Feb. 26th - 9:30 - 11:30PM
  • Dublin: Irish Film Institute, Tues. March 2nd - 6:30 - 9:30PM
  • Sheffield: Sheffield Showroom, Thurs. March 4th - 8:20 - 11:20PM
  • London: Prince Charles Theater, Sat. March 6th - 4:00 - 7:00PM
Click locations above or here to join the guest list: 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams Premieres

"Synopsis, 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS: When this year’s round of unsuspecting Northerners fail to show up for their annual Guts N’ Glory Jamboree, the residents of Pleasant Valley take their cannibalistic carnival on the road and head to Iowa where they encounter spoiled heiresses Rome & Tina Sheraton and the cast and crew of their “Road Rascals” reality show. Performing “The Bloodiest Show on Earth”, our Southern Maniacs prove more than ratings killers in what John Landis has called “one of the rare sequels that surpasses the original”.

Monday, February 22, 2010

RONDO creeps again for Forrest J Ackerman!

If there's one most prestigious, genre-specific award in the world, it's gotta be the RONDOS! Every year, fans and pros alike vote for their favorite artists, products, publications and events. The awards are a treasured validation for all those folks working hard to keep Horror and Sci-Fi ALIVE!

2010 marks the 8th annual RONDO HATTON AWARDS! And this year also marks the nomination of: THE FORREST J ACKERMAN TRIBUTE as THE BEST FAN EVENT! If you were at the Tribute, I know you felt the profound impact of the experience. If not, you can read my account of the event at DREADCENTRAL.COM by clicking here: Forry Tribute

At the end of that article you'll have a chance to hear Forry's final farewell once more. Sad but sweet.

The competition is tough, but I believe the Forry Tribute is well worthy of this year's honor. The Tribute purely captured the spirit that lives within our genre and the incredible hand Forry played in perpetuating it and maintaining it over his 92 years. Thanks to The Egyptian Theater, Tim Sullivan, Dan Madigan and many others, this event not only honored the memory of our late hero, FJA. It also demonstrated how Forry's love of all things fantastical could live beyond him. Inspiring future generations of Monster GrandKids!

If you'd like to vote for:

17. Best Fan Event of 2008 -
Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman, Grauman's Egyptian Theater, Hollywood, organized by Joe Moe

Vote at Classic Horror Film Boards by clicking here: Rondo Awards Ballot

It's easy! You can vote all the categories or just the ones you want to! Just send your picks to: taraco@aol.com

King Kong-grats to all the nominees. Help me bring this one home to Horrorwood, Karloffornia for Uncle Forry!