Whatcha' lookin' for?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snippit-snappet, hum...(?)

My beloved niece, nephew and me. We are all just bait...

A random paragraph I found in an untitled folder. Who are these people and what became of them?

"The cabin of the small car was filled with a chilled version of sunshine as the air conditioner battled fitfully to beat back the rippling heat outside. The car seemed so small now that there were four adults filling it. Even the group's exhaustion seemed to take up space. The driver and all three passengers had felt their age this morning. A collective desire to call in sick - even though it was their day off. The night before had been a themed party that required lots of attention and babysitting. Not the normal poolside flop -n- bake catered with cheesy food on a paper-plate-mosaic with potato salad and a puzzle of chicken wings. Black olives filling the gaps. Now the group of four sat staring out the windows of the speeding car. Sour stomachs jostling. Pina Colada mix and bitter rum wanted out."