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Sunday, March 21, 2010


"Seul Sur Son Étoile"
by Becaud & Vidalin

...then Vikki Carr got hold of it...
(English lyric by Mark David)

"It Must Be Him"

My Grandma and I used to marvel at
the crocodile tears that would run down
Vikki's cheeks as she belted out that song on
every variety show the 60's could dish out.


  1. I like the lyric "My dear God, it must be him/
    But it's not him/And then I die/That's when I die!"

    But she keeps singing-- so she must be a zombie! Or a ghost! Cool!

    Shirley Bassey did the song justice, too, IMHO.

  2. Wow, MAX! You just gave new dimension to the song. Zombie-love!!