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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jovanka Vuckovic: A hook-up with Rondo?

Or: Why Jovanka should be Monster Kid of the Year!

Jovanka and Ann "War of the Worlds" Robinson at the Forry Tribute

I hear February was Women In Horror Month. So, naturally, my contribution to the cause is to write this love letter about my pal Jovanka Vuckovic - in March! Why a month after WIHM? Because every month should be WIHM, that's why. And there is no more horrible woman than Jovanka. Her stewardship of RUE MORGUE magazine during her tenure, not only elevated that mag to prominence, but she always, ALWAYS made room for a classic horror presence. Today, Jovanka's moved on to other glorious mischief, but Rue Morgue (under new editorship of Dave Alexander, hi Dave!) continues traditions she nurtured and remains a balanced voice in our genre; attempting to give the young uns' what they expect, while tossing us old folks a bone and indoctrinating those snot-nosed squids into a world of horror, pre-1980's (or even 40's, schweetie).

Jovanka also keeps the torch burning for our most favored Uncle; Forrest J Ackerman. Forry was quite fond of her and the whole RM staff. Jovanka and her crew's presence at the Forry Tribute was incredibly warm and comforting. It was on that sad day that Jovanka coined the term "Monster Grandkids" to acknowledge a brand new generation of monster lovers AND, again, to remind us geezers to eat our fiber and to embrace the new ranks of horror-youth - cre-e-e-eak, squish! (Make sure to also vote for a Rondo for the Forry Tribute: "#17. Best Fan Event"). Look, I don't need to tell anyone how dear the classics are to Jovanka. She's a map of love and commitment to the genre, with most of our icons (Chaney, Karloff, Lanchester, etc.) as badges of Scour-age permanently tattooed all over her loveliness!

Forry used to say that female fans were as rare as "Pterodactyl Pteeth!" Well, Forry may have lamented the scarcity of femme fans, but he also encouraged many a fair lady to tryst with the dark(ish) side. Principle among them, Jovanka, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Katherine Moore, Pam Keesey, Heidi Saha, Terri Pinckard, Lucy Chase Williams, Ann Hardin, Bjo Trimble, Jessika White, Candy Clark, Meechie Simpson, Debbie Painter, Brinke Stevens, Trina Robbins, Edith Eyde, Naomi Magaziner, Jennifer Brooks, Tigrina and on and on. And Jovanka is not only basking in the radioactive glow of our genre, she's manufacturing more fans as we speak! Not by merely contributing quality works of creepy depth. She's actually got a Monster Kid on board! She's gonna have a lil' one! Now, don't get all steamy just because this is proof that Jovanka's had sex at least once! Really think of it! What better way to perpetuate the genre? Monster-momma's gonna be a monster's momma! Yeah!

The flash-vote was cast the day Rondo voting began. Now ghoul-er heads are prevailing, taking their time, approaching their RONDO AWARDS BALLOT with serious scrutiny. Now's the time to remember our Jovanka! She's a modern gal creating a healthy future for our continuing legacy of quality art and entertainment. As a young horror maven, she represents our best hope for a flourishing world of Broads and Monsters! I dedicate the rare pic below of an early "vampire" and foremother of the German stage - to my pal and a rightful Monster Kid of the Year: Jovanka Vuckovic!

Frau Wilhelm Herzog aka. Erna von Hart aka. Erna Morena
(1885 - 1962)

"Fraulein Erna von Hart is known throughout Germany as a breaker of male hearts. She portrays "vampire" roles on the stage and that she gets her characters across the footlights is evidenced by the fact that she has received thousands of proposals of marriage from love sick swains. Fortunately for her and perhaps unfortunately for her suiters the lady already has a lord and master (Eeew, the olden days - Joe), in the person of Wilhelm Herzog, the German revolutionary journalist."

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