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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rondo Award: He wins! We win! 4e does it again!!

Ack at rest in his silver spaceship. Gone but never forgotten

The Forrest J Ackerman Tribute won the prestigious Rondo Award for "Best Fan Event" last night!

"(the) all-star tribute to the late Forrest J Ackerman, organized by his friend and caregiver Joe Moe in March 2009 at Grauman's Egyptian Theater, was voted Best Fan Event. In a statement, Joe Moe said the tribute marked "the fulfillment of my final promise to Forry, to hold a tribute so we could all come together to laugh, cry, celebrate and say goodbye. Forrest J Ackerman shall never die!"

Don Post lifemask and 4E award

You can read about ALL the winners and runners up here: 8th annual Rondo Award Winners!

All sincere thanks possible to all of you who voted for us. Contrary to what some might suppose, I don't believe it's important to remember Forry for sentimental reasons. Nope. I think it's INCREDIBLY important to remember Forry because of the magic his spirit continues to do. Every time someone asks "who was he" or Googles his name, we stand a chance of sparking one more talent. We stand a chance of stoking one more storyteller. Where there's Forry, there's imagination. And where there's imagination, there's endless possibility!



  1. The win is the beast possible outcome!

    Congrats, I tip my hats! (Yes, all of them, at once!)

    Love the Forry/Prince Sirki foto!