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Saturday, April 10, 2010

One word: Monsterpalooza! One suggestion: Get there!

MONSTERPALOOZA opened with a shriek on Friday, April 9th. Horrorwood's finest craftspeople and artists came out en masse to show the best of their best makeup FX work in Burbank, California. Sculpture rules at Monsterpalooza. Not just likenesses and cool creatures. Actually, some of the most highly artful, soulful figures you'll ever see. Fantasy characters and familiar icons of the genre brought to still-life. Many so hyper-realistic you just stand staring, waiting for them to breathe.

My pal Kevin Kirkpatrick; a Supermodel with his super models!

Maestro Guillermo Del Toro came down from the heavens to walk among the fans and buy up all kinds of goodies. He stopped and chatted with Casey Wong (19-year-old makeup artist and Forry Ackerman's protege') I saw old friends Brinke Stevens, Don Glut, Ron Chaney, Bela Lugosi Jr., Eric Caiden, Frank Dietz and many more who were guests of the show - and just as mesmerized by the quality of work as any of the fans in attendance.

More Mike Hill masterpieces to covet.

Brilliant sculptor Mike Hill outdid himself this year with an absolutely spot-on Elsa Lanchester as the Bride. If that wasn't enough he crafted a monochromatic duo of Lon Chaney Jr. as Lawrence Talbot and a second figure of Chaney as the Wolfman. Any monster fan who doesn't get goosebumps rubbing elbows with these life-sized monsters is an ice cube. My pal (and key makeup artist on my movie RED VELVET) Kevin Kirkpatrick superbly nailed a trio of beloved oddities from Tod Browning's FREAKS! Shlitzie, Prince Randian and Johnny Eck.

You have got to come stand near these and HUNDREDS of other incredible pieces at MONSTERPALOOZA. There's a Forry display in the museum. And come attend my Forry panel on Sunday, April 12th too!


  1. Gore-geous photos of Mike Hill's genius. thanks for sharing!

  2. It's true folks, this one's simply incredible! Input overload, talent overload, celebrity and friend overload! And thanks again Joe, for allowing a bit of my Forry-ous work to be a part of it. Hell, I'll see you down at MONSTERPALOOZA in a few minutes, haha! Aloha!

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  4. So jealous! Wish I could be there!