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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The RITE: It's just not...

What possessed Sir Hopkins?

I love demonic possession films. The best of em' like The Exorcist. The King Kong of devilish horror movies. I even enjoy watching low-rent entries like Beyond the Door or the recent Exorcism of Emily Rose. So it was with an available soul and hand-clasped hope for terror that I went to see The Rite last night. It was boring. A terrific supporting cast with nothing to do but wax dour and severe. A lead character with the charisma of a gum wrapper. And Anthony Hopkins working as hard as he could without breaking character to laugh at the absurdity of the scenarios he found himself central to or to scratch his big head in baffled confusion over this crappy script. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time bitching about this failure. Just needed to vent because I was really eager to see this film and more than willing to forgive minor flaws in order to take the trip. I'm telling you. I should be making these damned horror movies!

Boo! Not as in scary Boo. As in thumbs down Boo!


  1. Thanks for the warning. Seems that no one is raving positively about the film.

  2. I am a possession film fanatic. This film was a sin in that it was terminally BORING.

    Ugh, what a steaming pile of pea gree soup.