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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More than half way home...

It just happens. You wake up one morning and you have to confront how you're gonna deal with the news. You probably have less years ahead of you than you have behind you. All of the things you thought you wanted have morphed into things you actually need and the few dreams you've maintained may not have come true yet - and probably won't on your timetable.

But thanks to the presence of the friends you've earned over time, you won't have to suffer. Those friends will come together, celebrate your life and remind you of what good you've made. Sure, they'll lavish banana and chocolate cake on you and give you nice presents. But mostly, they'll reveal your soul's footprint on their lives and happiness.

As I approach this new version of this life of mine, I don't have any desire to collapse or feel disappointed. Happily, I have surrounded myself with such high-quality people and more than my fair share of love. Those who call me "friend" really get me. And I get them. I have a terrific relationship with my entire Mo'e family and extended family.

I hope time marks you in the same generous way I have enjoyed. With a well-founded optimism, energy to spare, good health and an army of gentle soldiers who make me proud to call them my people. Onward!

Old age comes to Mr. Moe

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  1. Right behind you Joe! I sure like thinking of you as extended family.